Efficient Irrigation

With the TalkingFields® IrrigationService, you receive precise irrigation recommendations adapted to your technical equipment. Whether site-specific in a 10 x 10 meter grid, in sectors or field by field – we support you in your daily decisions:

  • How much water do my plants need?
  • Does the water requirement vary in the crop?
  • When do my plants need water again?
  • Which field should be prioritized for irrigation?

The TalkingFields® IrrigationService is based on the analysis of the latest satellite data and uses the PROMET plant growth and water balance model. This allows your crop to be monitored throughout the growing season. For each delivery date, you receive the water requirement in mm as well as information on when drought stress occurs. This allows you to plan your irrigation comprehensively and irrigate exactly when the plants need water.


  • Saving of water
  • Saving of energy
  • Saving of management time
  • Avoidance of water loss due to seepage
  • Optimal use of the yield potential

Figure 1: Example of irrigation recommendation for a variably controllable system with one irrigation circuit

Figure 2: Example of irrigation recommendation for drum sprinklers including prioritisation of zones within the field

Together with BayWa AG, we offer the irrigation service under the name Variable Rain. In addition to the irrigation recommendation, you also receive an advisory service from the BayWa crop consultants. You can find more information about the service here:

For your individual offer, please contact us via our contact form!

TalkingFields Biomass Map

The TF Biomass Map shows the total above-ground dry biomass on the field in t/ha at a specific date. The crop growth can be monitored during the growing season in order to be able to react appropriately to current conditions.

Four TF Biomass Maps will be delivered during growth period at selectable dates. Usually dates shortly before or on the day of a planned task (e. g. fertilization) are used.

For the calculation of the TF Biomass Map, current satellite data are combined with a crop growth model (PROMET). This makes it possible to create maps even at times when there is no high-quality satellite image available.

The product sheet TF Biomass Map can be found in the download section.