TF Yield Potential

The TF Yield Potential Map has the following applications:

The TF Yield Potential Map can be imported in most Agrar Management Software. Further information can be found under Our Methods and in the product sheet TalkingFields Yield Potential Map in the download section.

TalkingFields Yield Potential Map

The TF Yield Potential Map shows the average potential yield of a selectable crop in t/ha with knowledge of local climate, soil conditions and topographical situation.

For the TF Yield Potential Map, the potential yield over several years is calculated using a crop growth model (PROMET) resulting the mean value over all years.

Thus, the influence of different weather conditions is minimized, and  the calculated value is representative. Via the TF Base Map, the simulated potential yields are then transferred to the detailed site-specific TF Yield Potential Map.

The product sheet TF Yield Potential Map can be found in the download section.