TF Biomass Map

The TF Biomass Map has the following applications:

The TF Biomass Map can be imported in most Agrar Management Software. Further information can be found under Our Methods and in the product Sheet TalkingFields Biomass Map in the download section.

TalkingFields Biomass Map

The TF Biomass Map shows the total above-ground dry biomass on the field in t/ha at a specific date. The crop growth can be monitored during the growing season in order to be able to react appropriately to current conditions.

Four TF Biomass Maps will be delivered during growth period at selectable dates. Usually dates shortly before or on the day of a planned task (e. g. fertilization) are used.

For the calculation of the TF Biomass Map, current satellite data are combined with a crop growth model (PROMET). This makes it possible to create maps even at times when there is no high-quality satellite image available.

The product sheet TF Biomass Map can be found in the download section.