The TalkingFields DailyLAI service provides daily values of green leaf area in m²/m². Innovative algorithms fill cloud and image gaps and thus allow the daily provision of leaf area values in 10x10m resolution.

The green leaf area is derived from satellite data using the SLC radiative transfer model. The use of the radiative transfer model allows the derivation of physical values, in this case the green leaf area of the plant stands in m²/m². Due to the significantly more complex analysis of the satellite data in the radiative transfer model, which uses all the available acquisition bands of the optical satellite data, much more precise values can be extracted than with the NDVI, which only roughly indicates whether there is more or less biomass at a particular location. Thus, radiative transfer modeling allows an exact derivation of the green leaf area even with high biomass growth. Where the NDVI is already saturated, the green leaf area derived with SLC continues to show the biomass differences in the area.

Talking Fields DailyLAI

Comparison of the derived green leaf area to the NDVI of the same scene.

The green leaf area, derived with the SLC radiation transfer model, reliably reproduces the patterns in the area even at high stand densities.

Cloud free daily values

Innovative algorithms allow daily values to be provided for every 10x10m pixel used in agriculture, regardless of cloud cover and gaps in the image.

The service is provided as a WMS service with Time Dimension.