TalkingFields Base Map

The TalkingFields Base Map has the following applications:

The TalkingFields Base Map also is the basis for planning an optimized GNSS-based soil sampling with the TalkingFields Zone Map.

It can be imported in most Farm Management Software.

Further information can be found under Our Methods.

TalkingFields Base Map

The TalkingFields Base Map is an established and powerful product for this purpose, especially in direct comparison with other recognized methods of measurement, e. g. the German soils evaluation (Reichsbodenschätzung), conductivity measurements or yield mapping.

The TalkingFields Base Map is created via geostatistical analysis of several years of satellite data in order to exclude influences of weather and different crop types. It indicates statistically significant, persistent, relative biomass differences that can be used as a basis for decision-making for site-specific cultivation.

The TalkingFields Base Map can be used as a baseline for prescription maps for sowing, fertilization or plant protection measures – for large areas, reliably and at an affordable price/performance ratio.