TF Base Map

Plant Protection smart!

Assessing risks Well-known tractor sensors for nitrogen fertilization and plant protection measures use the same measuring principle as satellite images - the reflectance of the vegetation in the visible and near infrared as an indicator for the crop status and the total biomass of the crop. The same or similar methods can also [...]


Greening Management

Identify areas more easily Compliance with the so-called greening requirements is a  condition for the receipt of the full direct payments under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). A key element of the CAP reform is the designation of "ecological priority areas", which most farms have to identify within their agricultural areas. Our [...]


GNSS Based Soil Sampling

Reduce effort The effort and costs for the soil sampling of your fields can be significantly reduced with the TalkingFields Zone Map. Based on the TalkingFields Base Map, which shows the patterns of relative crop vigor within fields, we create the TalkingFields Zone Map. With this information the GNSS-controlled sampling of your fields [...]


Fertilization smart!

Consider site-characteristics Do you expect the same yield in every part of your field? No? Then it would also make sense to take this into account in the fertilization! Hardly any field is homogeneous. Usually, there are areas within the plots that have different growth potentials due to variations in the emergence conditions, [...]


Irrigation smart!

Efficient Irrigation With the TalkingFields IrrigationService, you receive precise irrigation recommendations adapted to your technical equipment. Whether site-specific in a 10 x 10 meter grid, in sectors or field by field - we support you in your daily decisions: How much water do my plants need? Does the water requirement vary in the [...]


Seed smart!

Utilizing the available potential The TalkingFields Base Map shows long-term crop vigor patterns within fields derived from satellite data. This enables you to efficiently adjust to the natural site-specific yield potential already during seeding. Instead of distributing valuable seed uniformly over the field, the evaluation of the biomass patterns in your fields gives [...]


TF Base Map

TalkingFields Base Map The TalkingFields Base Map has the following applications: Seed smart! Fertilization smart! Plant Protection smart! The TalkingFields Base Map also is the basis for planning an optimized GNSS-based soil sampling with the TalkingFields Zone Map. It can be imported in most Farm Management Software. Further information can be found under [...]

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