Reduce effort

The effort and costs for the soil sampling of your fields can be significantly reduced with the TalkingFields Zone Map. Based on the TalkingFields Base Map, which shows the patterns of relative crop vigor within fields, we create the TalkingFields Zone Map. With this information the GNSS-controlled sampling of your fields can be planned more efficiently. Instead of sampling in a fixed grid, the analysis of the biomass patterns in your fields provides you with an optimal selective sampling at significantly lower costs.

The TalkingFields Zone Map permits the

  • Optimization of the sampling strategy for efficient soil mapping
  • Reduction of costs for sampling and laboratory testing

Areas with similar values in the TalkingFields Base Map are combined to zones in the TalkingFields  Zone Map. The minimum size of the soil zones is adapted to your needs. These zones allow a cost-saving optimization of the walking lines and thus the soil probing. At the same time, the different soil properties of the fields are optimally mapped.

(On request, our partner FarmFacts will take care of the whole service for GNSS-controlled soil sampling for you, using state-of-the-art technology in the field and the laboratory)

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TalkingFields Zone Map

The TalkingFields Zone Map is an extension of the TalkingFields Base Map. The TalkingFields Zone Map combines areas of similar growth into digital zones.

The TalkingFields Zone Map can be used to optimize the sampling strategy and improve soil mapping. The zones serve as a guideline for efficient and targeted sampling.

This approach is a requirement for a differentiated assessment of the nutrient supply in different field zones (a) and (b) for a targeted response.