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Our Methods

Smart Farming is the logical evolution of Precision Farming. Within arable farming, this covers all management methods that take into account the small-scale differences such as soil types within a single field. While precision farming is focused on the technology for precise application, the emphasis of smart farming is on information-guided crop production. [...]


Harvest Management

Yield Planning TalkingFields supports you in the cultivation, documentation and planning of your acreage with three innovative products which not only document the development of your crops from space but also provide you with the absolute yield in tons per hectare. These are the TF Yield Map as well as the TF Yield [...]


Agrar Management Software

Utilize the products in any Software Supplied in AO Agrar-Office compatible format or as a widely known shape format (point) our data can be used in most common agricultural software products with GIS capability or in any GIS software. Other delivery formats (raster formats preferred) are available on request. The TalkingFields products presented [...]

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