Utilize the products in any Software

Supplied in AO Agrar-Office compatible format or as a widely known shape format (point) our data can be used in most common agricultural software products with GIS capability or in any GIS software. Other delivery formats (raster formats preferred) are available on request.

The TalkingFields products presented here will be available as background layers for NEXT Farming, the next-generation farm management software by FarmFacts from 2017 onwards.

For processing the order, the boundaries of the commissioned fields as well as any exclusion zones within the fields are required, preferably in TF-agroXML format.

If needed, we can also supply you with the fitting agricultural software, which you can use to import the data and process it further, for example to create prescription maps. You can find more information about this at FarmFacts.

Smart Farming

Efficient production on large areas using state-of-the-art agricultural machinery requires reliable information to achieve reproducible decision-making. Knowledge of small-scale differences is a must, especially for large, heterogeneous fields.

Satellite data provide an overview, show patterns and allow an estimation of heterogeneity in the field. We show you how to use this information for your decision-making processes. TalkingFields products determine the characteristic performance of your sites and quantify current biomass and yield

The data sheet TF Products can be found in the download section.