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Satellite images provide overview, show patterns and allow estimation of in-field heterogeneity. Thus, these images can support the farmer in his decision making process.

By using satellite data, a field-specific crop vigor analysis can be done to derive a site characterization. This allows an estimation of the possible economic benefits of future application of precision farming techniques.

Parameters which can‘t be directly observed with remotely sensed data like dry biomass and grain yield are modeled by talkingfields using a crop growth model which uses remotely sensed data as up-to-date spatial input.

Yield modeling gives an early overview over the canopy development within fields and results in a realistic prognosis of the final yield.


talkingfields enables you:

  • To get valuable information for your crop management and a basis for your application maps via the
    TF Base MapTF Base Map, which shows the persistent relative fertility based on multi-year satellite images.
  • To apply a cost-efficient solution for soil probing using the satellite-based TF Zone MapTF Zone Map.
  • To plan your plant protection measures with an optimized risk assessment using the TF Biomass MapTF Biomass Map.
  • To optimize your economic planning using the TF Yield Estimation and TF Yield ForecastTF Yield Map and TF Yield Forecast.
  • To check the success of your management decisions.


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